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At its simplest Design & Dignity aims to create warm, welcoming and dignified environments in hospitals for people at the end of their lives. But Design & Dignity is also about inspiring hospital staff and designers to create places of beauty through ‘exemplar’ projects.

‘Exemplar projects’ can be achieved through the careful use of colour, lighting, artwork, acoustics, fabrics, furnishing and planting. Exemplar projects should include ‘something beautiful’ as a focal point to the space, such as a piece of artwork, sculpture or if space permits a small garden.  The rooms should be inspiring, places of beauty.

With Design & Dignity projects well underway throughout the country we are beginning to see cluttered rooms and dreary facilities transformed into tranquil spaces where families may gather or can be with a deceased relative in appropriate surroundings.

Projects completed to date include:

  • family rooms on medical wards that can be used to break bad news or as a place of retreat
  • mortuary renovations
  • viewing suites in the Emergency Department, where the bereaved can be with their deceased loved one


Family Rooms

Mortuary Renovations



 Viewing Suites


“This building has. . . given us a space that is dignified, that is bright, that is airy, that’s embracing of all religions and none”

Margaret McKiernan, Director of Nursing, Mercy University Hospital

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