Nurses for Night Care

"By the end we were exhausted. They came in and for the last six nights before she died we could take a full nights sleep and we knew that she was fine"

The Irish Hospice Foundation funds a 'nurses for night care service' for people dying with diseases other than cancer .  This service provides nursing care, practical support and reassurance for the person and for their families in the last days of their life. This service is provided via the Irish Cancer Society night nursing service. More information on using the night nursing service is available  here This service is provided free of charge by the IHF and is funded solely through donations from the Irish Public. This service has been funded by the Irish Hospice Foundation since 2006. The demand for this service grows by about 15% every year. In 2015, over 1700 nights of nursing care was delivered to over 500 people across Ireland, and this cost over €500,000. This service is funded solely on contributions from the public. If you would like to make a donation to the Irish Hospice Foundation please click here Referrals to the service are made by the Specialist Palliative Care home care team. Click here for the referral form. This leaflet gives more information on this service.
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