Palliative care for all – next steps

Next Steps for the Palliative Care for All Programme were announced at the 'Palliative care for all, bridging the gap for all those with life limiting diseases' conference on September 14th 2012.   

Commitment to 'Palliative care for all' 

As part of our Strategic Plan 2016 –2019 we have committed further resources to the Palliative Care for All Programme over the next 3 years.  Working in partnership with relevant HSE Clinical Care Programmes, patient organisations and  health care professional groups, we will build on work from existing action research projects to disseminate and translate the learning into other care settings. We aim to initiate projects supporting those with End Stage Kidney Disease and to examine approaches for people with mental health needs, co-morbidities and multi-morbidities. An oversight review of the achievements of the Palliative Care for All Programme group to support these developments has been established, ensuring they are aligned with international developments, Department of Health policy and emerging Irish research.
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