About A Journey of Change

about a journey of change

About A Journey of Change


Staff in residential care centres have a very special relationship with the people they care for and with their families. This programme is designed to strengthen that relationship, and to support staff in developing their competencies in end-of-life care.

‘A Journey of Change’ provides staff with information on all aspects of end-of-life care, from the losses a resident (and their family) may be experiencing as they move into a nursing home, to initiating discussions with residents about what care they may or may not like in the future.

We know from experience that information and knowledge alone are often not enough to change practice. ‘A Journey of Change’ gives staff the training and tools they need to reflect on their end-of-life care practices, to celebrate what is being done well, to see what could be done differently, and to make effective change, where change is needed.

Working with managers and front-line staff, we will draw on real life examples from your nursing home so that this programme is relevant to your needs. We will also explore ways to strengthen the culture within your setting so that your nursing home can become one of the leading care centres in Ireland.


‘A Journey of Change’ aims to help you:

  • Become a centre of excellence in end-of-life and dementia care.
  • Train staff to run structured review meetings after the death of a resident.
  • Develop competent, compassionate and motivated staff.
  • Make effective, sustainable change where needed.
  • Access the specific end-of-life resources you need.
  • Be more proactive at advance care planning.
  • Avoid inappropriate hospital deaths.

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