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New bereavement guides on dementia

Dementia Bereavement Leaflets

The Irish Hospice Foundation, along with The Alzheimer Society of Ireland have launched  three new factsheets aimed at family members and carers of those with dementia.

Guidance and support for dementia bereavement

The factsheets are a guide for those caring for people with dementia. They are designed to help them understand the disease as it progresses and give tips on loss and grief.

The 3 factsheets cover:

Understanding late stage dementia: Providing information about what to expect as dementia progresses to late stage. It aims to help families to understand some of the issues that can arise and to know where they can go for support and services.

Loss and grief when a family member has dementia: Providing information to family members on the different types of grief which can occur when someone has dementia. It also gives some tips on looking after yourself if your loved one moves into a nursing home.

Grieving after the death of a family member with dementia: Talking about grief and how people can be affected after the death of someone who had dementia. It also gives some practical tips to support carers through their grief.

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