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The Art of Grief and Hope

donegal compassionate culture 2021

This Wednesday 16th March, our Arts & Cultural Engagement Officer Dominic Campbell will host a talk titled: ‘The Creative Brain on Grief and Hope’ with a panel including Mary-Frances O’Connor, author of ‘The Grieving Brain’ as well as Rebecca Strain and Martha McCulloch of Artlink Donegal, who led a Compassionate Culture Network in Buncrana.

The event is part of Creative Brain week which runs from March 12th to 16th. Creative Brain Week is a Global Brain Health Institute initiative at Trinity College Dublin. It’s an exploration of how brain science and creativity collide to seed new ideas in social development, technology, entrepreneurship, culture, wellbeing, and physical, mental and brain health across the life cycle. A heady mix of artists, neuroscientists, business people and innovators will be exploring the role of creativity and brain health across the digital and physical campus of Trinity College Dublin and out into the heart of the city.

‘The Creative Brain on Grief and Hope’ session takes place from 3:45 to 4:45 on Wednesday March 16th. Tickets are free and available for online and In-Person attendance for each day. 

For more information and to register for events visit Creative Brain Week.