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Bereavement Videos and Audio Recordings

Bereavement Videos

These four short videos are bite-sized clips offering practical information on different aspects of grief and bereavement.

1. Understanding Grief

2. Living with Loss

3. Suicide in the workplace

4. Grief and dementia

Audio Recordings

These four short recordings may be helpful to you as you grieve. Each recording is about 15 minutes in length and focuses on a different aspect of grief, using techniques drawn from mindfulness and self-compassion.

You are welcome to listen to them here or to download them to your own device.

1 Opening up to grief https://clyp.it/irm1yjly

2 Exploring your grief https://clyp.it/1zrr0li5

3 Self-compassion and Grief  https://clyp.it/okcjxyng

4 Self-forgiveness and Grief  https://clyp.it/a0v15j0h


Updated: 13/06/2018

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