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Coping with Loss

Grief is how a bereavement affects us personally. It’s what we experience when we lose something or someone important to us. This experience can be particularly hard when someone close to us dies. Coping with loss means making sense of the loss and learning to live without that person. This is the work of grieving.


Good grief

In this Aware Ireland talk delivered in June 2014, Dr. Susan Delaney discusses coping with loss. She talks about grief resolution, how others see grieving, and how to manage grief.


The Irish Hospice Foundation has published a series of leaflets about grief, bereavement, and different types of loss. To browse the collection of leaflets and download copies, click here.

Coping with loss



Updated 09/12/2016

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Helping Yourself Cope with Loss

If you have experienced a loss, there are a number of things that will help you as you grieve: Be gentle with yourself. Your energy may be low for a while so do not place too many demands on yourself. Look after your physical health. You may find that you have lost your appetite. However, […] Read more >

Where To Go For Help

It’s important to understand that grief is a normal part of experiencing loss. Everyone grieves differently, and most people experiencing grief won’t require more than general support and information. For those who require additional support, resources are available. To understand the levels of bereavement support, look at the Pyramid of Bereavement Support If you have […] Read more >

Facing Loss

Facing Loss: Coping with Anticipatory Grief When facing an impending loss you might experience what is known as ‘anticipatory grief’. Anticipatory grief is the grieving that happens before a death or other type of significant loss. Anticipatory grief typically happens when a loved one is diagnosed with a terminal or chronic life-threatening illness like cancer, dementia, […] Read more >

Children’s Grief

Dealing with children’s grief: How to support bereaved children   Children grieve in their own way after a death, and a child’s reaction will depend on the circumstances of their loss. A child’s way of grieving can be quite different to an adult’s. Children’s grief often comes in waves; children tend to dip in and out […] Read more >

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