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Niamh Fitzpatrick launches book on grief and loss

niamh fitzpatrick book on grief and loss

On 14th March 2017, Niamh Fitzpatrick’s life fell apart. Her beloved sister Captain Dara Fitzpatrick was killed in the crash of Rescue 116 off the coast of Mayo in the early hours of the morning. A psychologist for nearly thirty years, Niamh was forced to deal with the incomprehensible grief which followed, grief that she had helped clients through for years. In her new book ‘Tell Me the Truth About Loss’, Niamh writes with beautiful honesty about how she navigated her way through the initial shock, and how she continues to manage that loss to this day.

Bereavement is not the only loss which Niamh has suffered. In ‘Tell Me the Truth About Loss’ she also writes about her marriage breakdown shortly after Dara’s death, as well as how she coped with the grief related to her struggles with fertility. She interlaces her personal experience with advice for readers, making for a powerful and important read.

Drawing on everything she learned, first to survive and then, in time, to begin to thrive, ‘Tell Me the Truth about Loss’ is a psychologist’s journey through loss, grief and the worst of times, while finding hope along the way. A beautiful book for when life isn’t what you expect it to be.

A donation from the proceeds of this book will go to Irish Hospice Foundation.

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Niamh spoke with Ryan Tubridy about her new book on The Late Late Show on Friday September 25th

Watch the interview here.