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Template guide for organisations

We have developed a template guide organisations can adapt for their own employees and to include details relevant to their company. It provides details on issues like returning to work and bereavement entitlements. Access the guide>>> 

Grief at work resource pack


Bereavement Booklets and Guides

A number of other organisations have developed booklets to offer guidance in supporting employees who have been bereaved.

Death of an Employees child

Anam Cara guide jpeg

New Anam Cara Guidelines on how to support an employee whose child has died.

These include what to do when you hear of the death, how to talk to the bereaved employee and what is helpful and unhelpful for the employee.

Read this guideline>>> 

General Bereavement at Work

New ACAS (Advisory Conciliation and Arbitration Service) UK guidelines for employers on Managing Bereavement in the Workplace.

Acas guidance jpeg

This guide draws on the experience of bereavement support organisations in the UK as well as the work of the Irish Hospice Foundation to provide employers with practical best practice advice for supporting employees who are bereaved. The sections on how to support an employee whose child has died, and the Frequently Asked Questions are particularly useful. Read this guide >>> 


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