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Broadcaster and business woman Norah Casey urges people to make this a Christmas to Remember

Broadcaster Norah Casey urges people to make this a Christmas to Remember by supporting the Irish Hospice Foundation neverforgotten.ie appeal   Broadcaster, businesswoman and former Dragon’s Den star, Norah Casey - whose husband Richard died from cancer in 2011 - is urging people to make this a Christmas to remember by supporting the Irish Hospice Foundation’s (IHF) Never Forgotten Appeal.   Findings from a new IHF national survey reveal that 53% of people have experienced the death of someone close to them during the last two years. That is more than half of the population who will be feeling the pain of loss this Christmas.   This unique appeal invites those who are bereaved to record a message to their loved ones at www.neverforgotten.ie, and to make an online donation to support the work of the IHF.  The messages of remembrance will be displayed online and in our special Book of Remembrance in our library throughout 2015.   Launching the appeal today, (November 26th), Norah Casey spoke of how she and her 15-year-old son, Dara, consciously remember her late husband Richard, and other deceased friends and family, at Christmas time.   “Since Richard passed away myself and Dara have a strategy. We consciously remember Richard on Christmas day. We visit the tree planted in his memory in the Phoenix Park, we raise a glass to him and we put his favourite ornament on the Christmas tree. We also give a gift in his memory each year.   “There is a lot of hype at Christmas about being together and having a happy time. The advice I would give to people who have experienced loss is to actively remember your loved one rather than trying to live up to society’s ideal. The worst thing to do is supress your memories and to pretend that person is not on your mind.”   She added: “A big part of my day is remembering Richard and I think that’s healthy. I will be leaving my own message to Richard on www.neverforgotten.ie and I would urge you to support the work of the Irish Hospice Foundation by honouring someone you love this Christmas.”   The Irish Hospice Foundation receives no core funding from the state and therefore relies on the generosity of donations to fund many services. Its work includes:  
  • Funding 85% of the country’s Children’s Palliative Care programme, including four Children’s Outreach Nurses and Ireland’s only Paediatric Consultant with a special interest in Paediatric Palliative Care.
  • Funding 1,207 Nights of Nurses for Night Care, provides vital care and support to patients with life limiting illnesses.
  • Training 3,000 people every year in providing bereavement support
  • Working to improve the environment in hospitals in which people die through our Hospice Friendly Hospitals programme and our Design  Dignity  grants scheme
  IHF CEO, Sharon Foley, said at the launch of today’s appeal: “Christmas is difficult for bereaved as they try to get through a special family time without their loved one. But let’s make this a Christmas to remember; share your memories, remember the happy times and ensure that the person you hold so dear lives on in your heart and mind for years to come.   “Any donation made will support families dealing with end of life and is so welcome. This is a wonderful way to honour a loved one who has passed away. For each of us there is only one chance in life for a good death – that’s one chance to get end-of-life care right.  We rely on public good will to bring quality end-of-life care and bereavement support to everyone.”   Go to www.neverforgotten.ie to make a vital donation in memory of the one you love.  
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