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Grief, it’s Complicated…10% of the Time by Dr Susan Delaney at TEDxUCD 2016

Posted on: December 23rd, 2016

University College Dublin (UCD)’s fourth annual TEDxUCD event, organised by volunteers from the UCD Research and Innovation team based at NovaUCD, took place recently. Among the TEDxUCD 2016 speakers was Dr Susan Delaney, a clinical psychologist and our Bereavement Services Manager.

Click here to watch her TEDxUCD 2016 talk entitled, ‘Grief, it’s complicated…10% of the time’.


Speaking after the TEDxUCD 2016 talk Dr Susan Delaney said, “We tend to hold strong opinions about grief; how long it should take to heal, what helps the grief process, and whether every grief is complicated in its own way. During my TEDxUCD 2016 talk I outlined why our views are sometimes at odds with the research and discussed the concept of complicated grief and the new approaches that are being developed to treat this misunderstood condition.”


The 10 speakers who took part in TEDxUCD 2016 were members of the UCD community of researchers, students, alumni and friends who spoke on a wide range of ideas worth spreading on the overall theme of ‘contemplation’.

Opening this year’s event, Professor Orla Feely, UCD Vice-President for Research, Innovation and Impact said, “Following the success of our previous TEDxUCD events I am delighted that we are hosting our fourth annual TEDx event at University College Dublin. Organising and running TEDxUCD is an excellent example of how we engage with the general public, not only in Ireland but across the world, to share the ideas, knowledge and expertise emanating from members of the UCD community.”

At TEDxUCD 2016 a combination of live speakers and a selection of TED Talks videos were combined to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group of 100 attendees. The TED conference provides general guidance for the TEDx programme, but individual TEDx events, including TEDxUCD, are self-organised.


Hundreds attend Living with Loss support evening

Posted on: November 4th, 2016

More than two hundred people attended yesterday’s ‘Living with Loss’ public information evening in Dublin. The IHF has been running this beneficial information evening for the past five years with numbers growing each year.

November is traditionally a month for remembrance and the event provides information about grief and the range of supports available to bereaved people.

living-with-loss-9aThe evening commenced with an opening from Bryan Nolan of the IHF and soon followed a showing of the Have Your Say campaign video. IHF representatives Orla Keegan and Breffni McGuinness also spoke about understanding and living with loss; and a Feilecean candle was lit with a moment of thought for all present.

Guest speaker John McAreavey (Michaela Foundation) addressed the room:

“There are a lot of people here that have been bereaved for a variety of reasons through different means of loss but we are all united in how that makes us feel. I think it’s a very worthwhile thing that we can come together here and think about the ways we can get through this positively. There is a lot of hope in it.


I learned that feelings and not circumstances is what I want to share with other people in grief. It was actually quite comforting to learn that. That is the real motivation in me sharing my journey and my experiences with you this evening. I really do believe that, regardless of the circumstances of the bereavement, the feelings of loss are very much shared. It’s always worthwhile then to hear other people talk about how they dealt with loss and know there is actually was someone else, not in your shoes, but in shoes just like yours before.

You will realise that, as sure as night follows day, light will follow darkness and that hope isn’t just a virtue, it’s the very torch that glows along with us on our journey,” concluded John.

There was also an opportunity for people to chat with voluntary bereavement services who kindly attended the event. Thanks to everyone who partook and gave their time to talk and support those who are bereaved. The evening closed with attendees receiving a candle and a moment of short reflection.

Thanks to Fanagans Funeral Directors & Undertakers who kindly sponsored the event.


Design & Dignity

Posted on: November 14th, 2013

The aim of the Irish Hospice Foundation is to make the experience of dying as positive as it can be for those dying and for those left behind.

We have partnered with the Health Service Executive (HSE) to work with hospital managers and staff on improving care  for patients at the end of life. We are working to empower hospitals to apply the principles of hospice care for the dying, the deceased and the bereaved.

Our Design & Dignity Project aims to create spaces or privacy and calm for dying patients and their families

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Living with Loss – Four people talk about their bereavement

Posted on: June 18th, 2013

Coping with loss can be different for everyone. In this short video by the Irish Hospice Foundation four people share their personal experiences of loss. 

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Posted on: April 23rd, 2012

Coping with Christmas when you are bereaved

 A short video featuring Dr Susan Delaney, bereavement services manager with the Irish Hospice Foundation offering advice on getting through Christmas when you are bereaved. 

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