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2018 Update

Our education grants are suspended for 2018.   Please revisit for an updated scheme in Autumn 2018.

Individual education and professional development grants


We provide grants to people pursuing education or development in hospice, palliative or bereavement care.  The grants cover courses, research projects or attendance at professional conferences.

Who can apply

Applications are accepted throughout the year from clinicians, managers or students working  in Ireland in a health related area and whose work involves care for people facing death or bereavement.

Please note that this scheme does not fund applicants for more than one year

Criteria for applications

  • Relevance to hospice care, palliative care and bereavement care and to patient outcome
  • Applicant not previously funded
  • Proof or registration and receipts provided
  • Applicant is willing to be available for presentations or teaching
  • Must acknowledge funding received from Irish Hospice Foundation where appropriate,

How to apply

Send a letter of application containing all the following details:

  1. Applicant name, address, telephone number and email address
  2. Profession/occupation
  3. Current place of work or education
  4. A description of the course and a statement of its relevance to hospice, palliative or bereavement care
  5. Statement of how you expect to apply learning from the course (or other form of education/professional development) to your professional practice
  6. Indication of whether you have applied for funding for this particular course /professional development to any other body and the outcome
  7. A statement confirming that the course of study and staff release have both been approved by your manager
  8. A personal statement stating how the learning activity will impact on your work
  9. A statement confirming that Irish Hospice Foundation will be acknowledged for its funding and publications resulting from funded research will be published in an Open Access format
  10. The duration of the course
  11. Itemised breakdown of amount of funding requested and specific expenditures (course fees, course materials, travel expenses)
  12. A copy of the course brochure, including fees



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