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2017 Update

Our education grants are suspended for 2017.   Please revisit for an updated scheme in 2018.

Masterclass and workshop grants

Where healthcare organisations, hospices and other professional groups identify education or development needs requiring customised approach,  this grant stream is available. It provides financial assistance to run new, once-off, specialist workshops or masterclasses on specific themes relating to hospice care, palliative care and bereavement care.  The event should address the education and training needs of specific professional groups and must not duplicate any existing programmes already being delivered in Ireland. 

 Criteria for applications

  • Relevance to hospice, palliative and bereavement care at any level and in any or all care settings
  • Demonstrated need
  • Professional and/or public interest and a link to policy
  • Willingness to acknowledge that funding was received from Irish Hospice Foundation     
  • Website links as appropriate 

Please note special consideration will be given to applications focusing on innovation or new skills acquisition and which have national relevance


An evaluation report on the workshop or event, including details of attendance numbers and any proceedings/papers to be complied for Irish Hospice Foundation.

How to apply

Send a letter of application containing all of the following details:

  1. Applicant and organisation name, address, telephone number and email 
  2. Profession
  3. Current place of work or education
  4. Indication whether you have made an application for funding for this particular event to any other body and the outcome
  5. A description of the event/training/professional development, including:
    1. Its main theme
    2. An indication of its relevance and appropriateness to hospice care, palliative care or bereavement care
    3. The learning objectives
    4. The target audience and the numbers expected to attend/participate
    5. The proposed date
    6. The names of speakers/facilitators (if known) along with a short biography on each
    7. The amount of funding requested and the reasons for the expenditure e.g. course fees, course materials, travel expenses
    8. A statement confirming that The Irish Hospice Foundation will be acknowledged for its funding, where relevant

Please note that at least one applicant must be a clinician/professional manager in hospice/palliative care in Ireland


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