Delivering Bad News

Delivering Bad News is a four-hour workshop aiming to improve communication skills, confidence and competence for healthcare staff breaking bad news to patients and families or supporting them after bad news. 


Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is suitable for anyone who has to break bad news or support patients after bad news, including Doctors. This includes emergency and healthcare staff who have a role in breaking bad news or supporting families / patients after bad news. It is especially useful for multidisciplinary teams working in areas where delivery of bad news is frequent. This includes; Emergency Department teams, renal teams, orthopedic, maternity and neurology teams. 

Topics covered

This workshop addresses all aspects of delivering bad news, including:

  • Context – Information on death and dying in Ireland
  • Bad news – what does it mean – to families, patients and to us?
  • Guidelines for breaking bad news – 5 step method to break bad news
  • Practical training – role plays based on participant identified scenarios with feedback
  • Difficult questions and difficult reactions – an opportunity for participants to seek help with scenarios that might cause concern
  • How to support – supporting the person who is breaking bad news


At the end of the workshop , participants will:

  • Understand what bad new is and how it can impact people
  • Understand the five step method for delivering bad news
  • Have developed their skills in delivering bad news
  • Have developed their understanding of how to support people hearing bad news
  • Be aware of how to practive self care when breaking bad news

Workshop details

Type: interactive workshop

Contact hours: 3.5 hours

Maximum attendees: 10

Cost: €450 plus standard IHF travel expenses (70 c per mile plus cost of an overnight stay if required)


Delivering Bad News is accredited by the Nursing & Midwifery Board of Ireland (Category 1 approval – 4 NMBI CEUs).  The IHF is also offering the course through the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland (RCPI) which also accredits the programme – participants are awarded 4 CPD points by RCPI


To find out more or to discuss a staff development workshop for your healthcare site, contact training@hospicefoundation.ie or fill in the form below.

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