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Grief at work – For Managers

An introduction to understanding grief and how to support bereaved staff in the workplace



This workshop is suitable for managers and staff who are in a supervisory or supportive role for employees. The aim of the workshop is to provide participants with an understanding of the impact of loss and grief in the workplace and the practical tips and skills to build a supportive work environment where people can deal effectively with these realities.

Topics Covered

  • What is involved in the process of grieving – e.g. time, normal reactions etc?
  • How does grief impact on employees in the workplace – concentration, energy levels etc?
  • Grief and organisational issues – creating a supportive work environment
  • How to support someone in the workplace who is grieving a significant loss, e.g. what to say/not say etc.


At the end of this workshop participants will have:

  • An understanding of what loss and grief are
  • An understanding of the grieving process and how it affects employees in the workplace
  • An understanding of what creates an effective environment in the workplace for dealing with employee grief
  • Developed their own skills for effectively supporting someone who is grieving

Course Details

Type: Interactive presentation

Contact hours: 3.5 hours –  Half day workshop

Maximum attendees: 16

Cost: €450 plus standard IHF travel expenses (70c per mile plus cost of an overnight stay if required).


To find out more or to discuss this or other workshops for your staff, contact training@hospicefoundation.ie or fill in the form below.

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