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New Supports for Employers and Employees Dealing with Grief

eLearning courses

We have developed four eLearning courses for managers and staff to support people who are grieving, in the workplace.

It has always been important to have support at work when bereaved or to know how to respond sensitively and empathetically to someone who has lost a loved one. A recent survey by IHF indicates an unprecedented impact on all those who have been bereaved, whatever the cause, and on all those who have cared for the dying (be they professionals or family and friends) since early 2020.  The launch of the eLearning courses for managers and employees is particularly timely with the return to the workplace following the removal of pandemic-related restrictions.

Breffni Mc Guinness, National Bereavement Development Specialist with Irish Hospice Foundation says:

Providing appropriate support to staff who are bereaved is a key element of staff wellbeing, Grief is never easy, and it is normal to feel uncomfortable around death. Yet, there are things we can do that can make a real difference to people in the workplace who are bereaved.  Helping managers and staff to respond with compassion and competence are key to fostering good communication and a supportive environment in any organisation. ‘Grief in the Workplace’ provides practical guidance for workplaces on how these steps can be achieved.”  

The magnitude of someone dying may only become apparent over time and a person may find they are less able to cope with the rigours of work and other aspects of daily life. Managers may find themselves in situations whereby they want to help one of their team members but feel they lack the tools to do so effectively, and HR professionals may need to review policies relating to bereavement to provide adequate support.

IHF has developed a suite of Grief in the Workplace resources for all sectors with the creation of four eLearning courses, providing cost effective supports for:

  1. Managers on how to respond to a bereaved staff member,
  2. Employees who are themselves grieving the loss of a loved one
  3. HR Professionals on developing bereavement policies for their organisation
  4. CEOs, HR, and Senior Managers on Responding to Suicide in the Workplace

Supporting staff who are grieving is a key element of Staff Wellbeing.  These eLearning courses provide effective tools to equip managers and employees when dealing with bereavement regardless of the cause of death.   IHF also plans to develop further modules in the future. 

IHF will formally launch Grief in the Workplace eLearning for managers and employees by hosting an Online Event on Wednesday 9th March at 10.30am. This will include a panel discussion from HR professionals, IBEC and ICTU as well as professionals who have been bereaved personally.

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eLearning Courses:

The four courses launching for IHF’s Grief in the Workplace eLearning programme are:

  • Coping with Grief for Managers
  • Coping with Grief for Staff
  • Developing a Bereavement Policy for HR Professionals
  • Responding to Suicide