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Steps to recording your ‘Think Ahead’ details online

If you haven’t already registered

  1. Click on ‘click here to set up your account’ above
  2. Complete registration details & create a password
  3. You will receive an email with link to follow to confirm your account set up
  4. The email will contain a link taking you to your Think Ahead online account to choose your security question and enter your password again (This is case-sensitive)
  5. When you have entered your password hit ‘enter’ to go to the dashboard and begin recording your details

Completing your Think Ahead plan online

Once registered you can begin to complete your plan. To do this;

  1. Login to your Think Ahead Plan (as above)
  2. Click on Edit
  3. Add to plan and Save
  4. Click on cancel if you do not want to save the plan.

Invite a Carer to access your record

When you have completed your Think Ahead Plan you can invite a carer, a trusted relative or friend to access your record. To do this;

  1. Log in as patient
  2. Click on Sharing
  3. Click on Friends/Family
  4. Click on Add Carer
  5. Invite carer
  6. They will receive email to register and can then access your plan

Need Help?

This short video gives a demonstration on accessing your account.

Or you can contact a member of the Think Ahead team

Contact the 'Think Ahead' team

Want to know more about 'Think Ahead' request forms or get more information on planning end-of-life care.
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