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National Council of the Forum on End of Life in Ireland Conference 2013 

Forum 2013 is a one day conference organised around a range of issues relating to dying, death and bereavement. The theme of the day is Length of Days, Quality of Life.”

The Forum will allow us to explore the different perspectives on longevity: ethical issues at end of life; community responses to dying, death and bereavement and quality of life and ageing.

The theme for this year will look at the many challenges that we face as a society to ensure we live well as we live longer.

Guest speakers

  • Professor Göran Hermerén, Professor Emeritus, Medical Ethics, Faculty of Medicine, Lund University, Sweden
  • Fergal Keane, Award winning BBC Special Correspondent and author – Mary Holland Commemorative Lecture (In association with The Irish Times)


  • Pain management and treatment at end of life.
  • Exploring spirituality at end of life.
  • Think Ahead – Speak for Yourself.
  • Pressing the pause button: Reviewing end-of-life care.
  • End of Life Care in the Emergency Department
  • Planning for the future when you have dementia.

Training Session

  • Five Things You Need to Know. A training programme for Health and Social Care Professionals caring for Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Patients.

Collective Art Piece

  • A collective art piece will be unveiled at Forum 2013 and will feature contributions from the public including those attending the conference.
  • All contributions will be joined together to create a collective work of art – a tribute wall. This will be a very powerful way for people to recognise and pay tribute to their own loved ones (alive or deceased). It will demonstrate how interconnected people are and be a symbol of how, by working together, we can secure a good quality of life at the end of life for our most vulnerable citizens.

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The Forum will allow us to explore the different perspectives on longevity and will include personal experiences combined with expert views.


For further details contact Forum.2013@hospicefoundation.ie


Art Installation – Forum 2013

Pay tribute to someone significant in your life. The Forum on End of Life in Ireland – an initiative of the Irish Hospice Foundation (IHF) – is organising a conference called Forum 2013 on October 24th in Dublin Castle. The theme is “Length of Days, Quality of Life.” We will be looking at the many […] Read more >

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