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Art Installation – Forum 2013

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Pay tribute to someone significant in your life.

The Forum on End of Life in Ireland – an initiative of the Irish Hospice Foundation (IHF) – is organising a conference called Forum 2013 on October 24th in Dublin Castle. The theme is “Length of Days, Quality of Life.”

We will be looking at the many challenges that we face as a society to ensure that we live well as we live longer.

An art installation will be unveiled at the end of the conference which will feature contributions from the public including those attending the conference.

Why not take part in creating a tribute wall to people who are significant in our lives?

What do I have to do?

It’s very simple. Just decorate a small rectangle of hessian cloth with the initials of someone significant in your life. The person may be alive or dead.

We will provide the hessian rectangle. You can decorate it with stitching, sewing painting, sequins, applique or dried flowers. Your rectangle will be joined with hundreds of other rectangles to create a collective work of art.

The power of initials

Example of tribute piece


A person’s initials are powerful. People used their initials on cufflinks and in books to indicate ownership or a presence. People use their initials on documents to clarify or certify a statement. This art installation allows a person to certify their admiration for a person – someone significant in their life.


It is a way of saying thank you:

• Thanks for being a good daughter

• Thanks for being a great husband – I missed you when you died

• Thanks for being a great doctor and looking after me

• Thanks for giving great sermons on Sunday – they inspired me for the week

• Thanks for being a great neighbour

• Thanks for being my friend


• The development of the art installation will be a very powerful way for people to recognise and pay tribute to their own loved ones (alive or deceased).

• It will demonstrate how interconnected people are. By working together, we can secure a good quality of life at the end of life for our most vulnerable citizens.

• Each person who contributes to the art work will have created a segment of something personally meaningful and therefore beautiful to them.

What next?

• Contact us if you’d like to get involved in this project: 01 6793188 or Forum.2013@hospicefoundation.ie

• We will send you the hessian cloth

• You decorate your cloth with the initials of your significant person. You may wish to include something associated with them or something which reflects their identity.

• Return the hessian cloth to us by Friday, September 27th. (Before you send us your tribute piece please make sure to read the terms & conditions which can be found HERE)

Aideen Gough

What then?

Art teacher Aideen Gough will use your rectangle to create an art installation. There will also be an arts station at the conference to allow people attending Forum 2013 to take part in the installation and decorate a rectangle with the initials of their significant person. Click HERE for further information.


Art Installation – Artist’s information

  Profile of Aideen Gough Originally from Belfast, Aideen graduated from the National College of Art and Design with a Bachelor of Design in 1988. She studied for a Diploma in The History of European Painting at Trinity College in 1994. Aideen taught for a number of years and had her own design business before […] Read more >

Art Installation – Terms & Conditions

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: General • We cannot return any contribution • Your work may be used in preparing an art installation that may later be put on permanent display in a public setting • We may also display your work on our website at www.hospicefoundation.ie Preparation • When preparing your contribution, please design it in […] Read more >

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