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Art Installation – Terms & Conditions

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• We cannot return any contribution

• Your work may be used in preparing an art installation that may later be put on permanent display in a public setting

• We may also display your work on our website at www.hospicefoundation.ie


• When preparing your contribution, please design it in the landscape shape

• You will have to use extra strong glue to secure anything to the material

• Leave a rim around the edge to allow for stitching or sticking at the end of the project

• You could personalise your contribution by including items you associate with that person – something which reminds you of them 


• We are not responsible for any contribution which may be damaged or lost in the post.

• Please ensure the following information is pinned to your contribution when submitting it to us. (We need confirmation of the initials you are making so that if your artwork is damaged in the post, we can check the form and repair the damage correctly to reflect the initials of the person you wish to acknowledge.)

The initials on my piece are (example NoK):

They stand for (optional):

I want to pay tribute to this person because:

My name is:

My contact details are:


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