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Mother’s Day In Memory Of 2024

Mother’s Day falls on 10th March and this year we invite you to plant a sunflower in memory of the mothers who are no longer with us. When you sign up, you will receive a free pack of sunflower seeds to plant in memory on Mother’s Day, as well as a plant marker and information pack.

Any and every day can be difficult when grieving the loss of your mother, but special days such as Mother’s Day can be additionally hard. We want to create a space for those who have lost their mothers or grandmothers to come together and remember them.

Funds raised will help us continue to provide our bereavement services including the IHF Bereavement Support Line, which provides connection, comfort and support, to those that have been bereaved.  This free national service, 1800 80 70 77, is available Monday to Friday, 10am-1pm.

Money raised will also go towards our Nurses for Night Care Service to help families stay together until the very end. 

To sign up and make a difference join our Facebook Group.

Find out more about the Plant a Sunflower In Memory this Mother’s Day fundraiser