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“Peter and the Wolf” Is Back

A Modern Retelling

We are thrilled to announce that 20 years after Bono, Gavin Friday and an incredible team created the artwork, books and music for a Peter & the Wolf project in 2003, a new modern retelling is here.

Gavin, award-winning musician and composer, is the author, with illustrations based on Bono’s original artwork. The new book is available to purchase now.

With a new dramatic take, the message of courage that is central to the famous classic remains whilst themes of loss and grief are gently introduced.

This beautiful book is aimed at a young and not-so-young audience and has a new heart-warming twist asking us if loved ones are ever truly gone. 

The book is based on a new animation produced by BMG and Blink Industries and will raise funds for our bereavement services and wider work. We are extremely grateful to the original project team, our new friends at BMG, Blink Industries and DK.

Purchase “Peter and the Wolf”

To purchase your copy of Peter & the Wolf, visit our online shop.

Proceeds from book sales will support Irish Hospice Foundation’s work to ensure the best end-of-life and bereavement care for all.