There are many different ways you can donate to Irish Hospice Foundation. Click on the links above to learn more about available options.

Donations of €250 or over is tax efficient. That means that your donation of €250 is actually worth €362 to Irish Hospice Foundation – at no extra cost to you! Learn more about tax-efficient giving  


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Donate NOW

Your donation will help us continue our work for those facing end-of-life and bereavement.  We especially appreciate your kindness during these exceptional times. All our programmes and services are continuing across Ireland, with our Nurses for Night Care experiencing an increased demand. Together we can ensure everyone gets the care and support they need. TAX […] Read more >

Once-off Donation

Make a once-off donation to Irish Hospice Foundation today and help us realise our vision that no one should face death or bereavement without the care and support they need. Donations of €250 or over are eligible for tax relief regardless whether you are a PAYE Tax Payer or self-assessed. That means that your donation of €250 is […] Read more >

Regular Donation

A regular donation to Irish Hospice Foundation provides us with a stable and reliable form of income which means we can plan ahead and make long-term commitments to the areas of end-of-life care. As Irish Hospice Foundation receives very limited funding from the state (around 5% annually), we rely heavily on the generosity of the general public. Join our regular […] Read more >

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