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5K Challenge

Run 5 Donate 5 Nominate 5 for IHF

Would you like to join our supporters and take up the 5k Challenge?

How it works

You run/walk 5km, donate €5, post a picture to your preferred social channel and tag 5 others to nominate them to do the same.

Use the hashtag #5kchallenge or #run5nominate5donate5 in your post and please tag us also @irishhospicefoundation so we can pop by and say thank you. You can run, cycle, jog or walk, whatever works for you. It can be 5km, 5 miles or 5 minutes! Please donate here. Don’t forget to respect social distancing guidelines while out and about and to stay within a 2km boundary in line with HSE advice. Thank you so much and ENJOY!

Here are some of our supporters who have successfully completed the #5kChallenge, thank you all!

5kchallenge insta5kchallenge instagram

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