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Other ways to support

Here is a selection of ways in which you can also help support the work of The Irish Hospice Foundation:

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Door to Door Fundraising

The IHF are currently running door to door fundraising in locations around Ireland.  Door to door fundraising is one of the best ways to raise awareness of our work, to gain new monthly donors, and to increase our income. Our team will ask people for support by setting up a monthly direct debit.  All of our fundraisers have […] Read more >

Summer Raffle 2018

Support our Summer Raffle and help raise essential funds for our free and critical Nurses for Night Care Service                                    Most families have no experience of caring for a seriously ill loved one at home, and all the complications that […] Read more >

Tax Back Campaign

We can increase the generous gift you gave us by 45%. And it won't cost you a cent. All we need is your signature. If you donated €250 or more to The Irish Hospice Foundation in the last four years (2013 - 2016) and are a tax payer, we are able to reclaim the tax paid on your donation on […] Read more >

Wedding Favours

In Ireland, many couples choose to make a charity donation in lieu of giving wedding favours to their guests.  Why choose The Irish Hospice Foundation wedding favours?    If you decide to choose The Irish Hospice Foundation, you will be supplied with small tent cards which fold and sit elegantly on the tables at your […] Read more >

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