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Your organisation has the power to make a real difference. Dying, death and bereavement affect all of us, so when you support us, you’re also supporting your employees too.

Working with Corporate Partners 

Our Corporate Partners are amazing. From events to donations, payroll giving to sponsorship, what you do for us benefits every person and every corner of Ireland. As a national charity that addresses dying, death and bereavement, we are unique in what we do. 

We are working towards the best end-of-life and bereavement care, for all.Your support keeps us energised and committed to that mission. Thank you!

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We are working towards the best end-of-life and bereavement care, for all. Your support keeps us energised and committed to that mission. Thank you!

Our current Corporate Partners

We need you! 

By 2031, the numbers facing death in Ireland will increase by 25% and over and 3.8 million of us will be bereaved. With this, the demand for end-of-life and bereavement services will continue to rise. You can help us continue to be there for those who need us most. Over the next five years, we need help to: fund Nurses for Night Care, sustain our Bereavement Support Line, support our frontline healthcare workers through our Hospice Friendly Hospitals and CEOL programmes; extend palliative care and develop further supports for carers. 

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Good work, big difference  

Nothing brings a company together like a common goal! Supporting our work is rewarding for everyone – and always heartening to see. It unites teams, motivates staff and engages customer attention. 

Some of the ways your company can support our work are: 

  • make us your charity of the year with our Charity Partnership Programme
  • encourage Employee Fundraising with fun events and collections, which are often matched by the company. We have lots of ideas and can help you along the way! 
  • sponsor an event, project or communications initiative. 
  • explore Cause Related Marketing and see how working with us will enhance your brand. 
  • facilitate employees to donate to us directly from their salary thanks to Give As You Earn. 
  • use your staff’s expertise to help us in Employee Volunteering.  

Corporate Social Responsibility not only matters to organisations, but to individual employees too – we all want to play our part in contributing to society. 

Contact us on (01) 679 3188, [email protected] to discuss how we can create the best-fit package of support. 

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Do good and feel good! 

We will help with fundraising advice and materials, and will develop a strategy to make the most of your support and meet your business goals too! 80 people die every day in Ireland. A charity partnership can do more than raise funds – perhaps your employees would be interested in Workplace Bereavement Training, or your HR department would like to discuss Think Ahead, our public initiative to encourage people to discuss and record their wishes in case of emergency, serious illness or death. A legacy leaves the gift of peace of mind.