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Corporate Partners

Partnerships with Purpose, Impact Beyond Measure

Nothing unites a company more than a shared goal. Supporting our work not only brings rewards but also fosters a sense of unity among teams, motivates staff, and captures customer attention. 

At Irish Hospice Foundation, we truly value our Corporate Partnerships. Whether through events, donations, payroll giving, or sponsorships, your contributions will make a difference to the people and families across Ireland that need our support. 

To find out more on working with IHF fill in the form below and we will be in touch or you can contact our corporate fundraiser directly on [email protected]

We view our relationships with corporates as true partnerships. We will work with you to create a bespoke partnership that fits the needs of your organisation. 

Here are some ways you can get involved:

  • Make us your charity of the year with our Charity Partnership Programme. 
  • We would love to work with you to develop fundraising ideas that relate to your business and can be applied in your work environment. 
  • Sponsor an event, project, or communications initiative. 
  • Explore Cause-Related Marketing and discover how collaborating with us can enhance your brand. 
  • Facilitate employees to donate to us directly from their salary through Give As You Earn. 
  • Utilise your staff’s expertise to assist us through Employee Volunteering. 

Get the team involved in one of IHF Events! 

Visit Events & Appealsan image of some of IHF corporate partners from Kerry Group

We can support you with your own event whether that be climbing Croagh Patrick, taking on Hell and Back or an Office Coffee Morning – Get in touch, we can send IHF branded materials (t-shirts, buckets, information leaflets) and assist with setting up online fundraising pages.

an image of some of IHF corporate volunteers from Airtricity

Volunteering with IHF 

Throughout the year we have some volunteering opportunities and we would be delighted to have your staff get involved. 

It’s not just a one-way street! In return for your invaluable support, Irish Hospice Foundation can give back to you…

Dedicated Fundraising Team to support your activities and events and a calendar of events. 

Regular Staff Updates on Impact: IHF commits to providing regular updates to the staff, keeping them informed about the impact of the funds raised. 

Grief in the Workplace Workshop – Supporting employees who are bereaved is a key part of staff wellbeing. 

Social Media Promotion: IHF actively promotes its corporate partnerships across our social media platforms. This not only highlights the collaboration but also amplifies the positive impact of the partnership to a broader audience, showcasing the commitment of the corporate partner to social responsibility. 

Dedicated Professional Communications Team: IHF offers the expertise of a professional communications team to work on all aspects of the partnership.  

These added initiatives not only demonstrate IHF’s commitment to nurturing and enhancing its corporate partnerships but also serve to maximize the visibility and positive outcomes of these collaborations. 

The Impact of Corporate Support

Nurses for Night Care, funded by compassionate corporate donors like you, provided crucial support to Tom’s family when he was diagnosed with motor neurones disease at 52. Tom’s wish to die at home was fulfilled with their assistance, easing the burden on his heartbroken wife, Helen. Your kindness ensured Tom could spend his final moments at home, surrounded by his loved ones.

Without Nurses for Night Care, I wouldn’t have been able to cope. They were brilliant. Having a Nurse for Night Care there meant Tom could be at home right to the end...just like he wanted.

Thank You to Our Current Partners