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100 Miles in April 2023

Will you take on the challenge of 100 Miles in April? It’s a tough challenge, but you will be helping us raise vital funds to support our work in end-of-life and bereavement care, whilst getting fit and improving your health and wellbeing. Walk, run or cycle – it’s up to you! 

To sign up and make a difference join our 100 Miles in April Facebook Group.  

If you have any questions, you can have a look at the FAQs below or email Emma on [email protected]#100MilesInApril 


Do I have to do the 100 Miles in one day?  

No! You have the whole month of April to cover the 100 miles. You can complete it in regular short bursts or less frequent longer spells. It’s completely up to you and what best suits your lifestyle.  

Do I walk or run the 100 Miles?  

Do it your way – You can run, jog, walk or cycle 100 Miles. It’s completely up to you how fast you go, and what routes you take. All that matters is that you post the updates and distances to your fundraising page! This is your personal challenge, and we want you to enjoy it whatever way works best for you.  

How to qualify to receive my end of challenge medal? 

To receive your end of challenge medal you must: 

Step 1:  Complete 100 Miles in April 
Step 2:  Post updates of your progress on your personal Facebook fundraising page 
Step 3:  Have at least €20 in donations on your personal Facebook fundraising page  

How do I track my progress?  

In your Welcome Pack with your Beanie Hat, we will include a personal tracker. If you like you can fill this in day to day to track your miles. Take a picture of your tracker and post the updates on your Facebook fundraising page – You need to do this to qualify to receive your Challenge Medal!  

Is there a digital way of recording my Miles?  

Lots of phones have inbuilt tracking systems or if you have a smart watch or FitBit you can record your progress on these. Alternatively, you could download an app e.g. MapMyRun or Strava. Remember to post screenshots of your miles to your fundraising page – that way you will qualify to receive your Challenge Medal!   

How do I receive my Welcome Pack? 

To receive your Welcome Pack you must register and activate your fundraiser page, click this link.

How do I set up a Fundraising page? 

To set up your Facebook fundraiser simply click here and register and activate your fundraising page. If not on Facebook you can set up an iDonate fundraising page.   

How will the money I raise help Irish Hospice Foundation?  

Taking part in challenges like 100 Miles in April raises vital funds to support our work in end of life and bereavement care. To help show how your miles are making a difference, we will share stories and updates every week over the month via Facebook and email that tells you how you’re making a difference to the people we support through this fundraising challenge. 

Do I have to set up a fundraising page? 

No, but they really are a very easy way to fundraise. Because the funds raised are lodged directly into our bank account, it means you don’t need to worry about collecting, recording or lodging. Also, Facebook kindly don’t charge any fees so we get 100% of what’s donated. Alternatively, you can request a sponsorship card by emailing Emma on [email protected]  

I’m not on Facebook. Can I still take part?  

Yes! Please contact our fundraising team on [email protected] and they will organise your FREE beanie hat and provide you with details on setting up your own iDonate fundraising page.

What’s in the Welcome Pack?  

Included in the Welcome Pack is your FAB Beanie Hat, your welcome letter and your personal tracker so you can note down your day-to-day progress and share on your personal Facebook fundraising page.

When will my Welcome Pack arrive? 

You will receive your Welcome Pack by post before the start of the challenge.  You need to register and activate your personal Facebook fundraising page in order to receive your Welcome Pack.  If you have any questions, email Emma on [email protected]  

How can someone not on Facebook donate to my fundraiser?  

Anyone can donate even if they are not on Facebook. Share the direct link of your fundraiser with them and they can enter their details. Alternatively, here are other options for them to support your fundraiser:  

  1. They could give you the cash / transfer funds (via Revolut, PayPalMe, Online Banking etc) and you can add the donation to your fundraiser yourself.  
  2. They can donate directly to IHF via If they do this please ask them to choose ‘100 Miles in April’ in the appeals dropdown menu.  
  3. They can call us on (01) 679 3188 to make a donation by card over the phone.  We can take calls Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.  Ask for Emma or any member of the fundraising team.

Someone I know accidentally donated via my Facebook page; can you refund them?  

Unfortunately we can’t issue refunds through Facebook but people can request a refund themselves from Facebook by following the below steps:  

Send them this link:  

Select – I donated to a fundraiser on Facebook  
Select – I want a refund for my donation(s)  
Select – I made a donation by accident and request the refund.  

Could I take on this challenge as part of a team?  

Of course! Doing a challenge with others is motivating, fun and can be a brilliant team-building exercise. If you’d like support getting your community or workplace involved, please email Emma on [email protected]