Bereavement Support Line 1800 80 70 77

Light a Candle in Memory

This December 18th we are asking you to light a candle in memory of a loved one in support of Irish Hospice Foundation. This is a chance to remember loved ones we have lost and support those that have been bereaved this Christmas time. Everyone who sets up a fundraiser will receive a free candle to light on December 18th.

All of the funds raised will help us to continue to provide our bereavement services including the Bereavement Support Line. This free national service, 1800 80 70 77, is available Monday to Friday, 10am-1pm. The service aims to provide connection, comfort and support, to those that have been bereaved. It will continue to operate throughout Christmas and into the New Year. Thank you for your help in making that possible. 

To sign up and make a difference, join our Light a Candle in Memory Facebook Group. If you have any questions, have a look at the FAQs below, or email Isabelle at [email protected] 


How do I sign up to receive my free candle?

To receive your free candle, you can join the Light a Candle in Memory Facebook Group and complete the online registration form. 

If you are not on Facebook that’s no problem, you can email [email protected] and we will send you on details of how to sign up and set up your fundraiser.  

What time do I light the candle on 18th December? 

You can light your candle at any time of the day that suits you. Whenever you have a quiet moment to yourself or if you are with a friend, whenever you feel comfortable. Feel free to light your candle beside a picture of your loved and lost to remember them this Christmas time.

How do I set up a fundraising page? 

The easiest way is to do this via Facebook. Simply click the button below.

If you are not on Facebook, you can use iDonate to set up a fundraising page.

How will the money I raise help Irish Hospice Foundation? 

Your participation helps to raise vital funds to support our work in end of life and bereavement care. To help show how your participation is making a difference, we will share stories and updates via the Facebook Group and by email that tells you how you’re making a difference to the people we support. 

When will my candle arrive? 

You will receive your candle by post before 18th December. If you have any questions, email Isabelle on [email protected] 

Do I have to set up a Facebook Fundraising page? 

No, but they really are a very easy way to fundraise. Because the funds raised are lodged directly into the IHF bank account, it means you don’t need to worry about collecting, recording or lodging. Also, Facebook kindly don’t charge any fees so we get 100% of what’s donated.  

I’m not on Facebook. Can I still take part? 

Yes! Please contact our fundraising team on [email protected] and they will organise your candle, welcome pack and provide you with details on setting up your own iDonate fundraising page.  

How can someone not on Facebook donate to my fundraiser? 

Anyone can donate, even if they are not on Facebook. Share the direct link of your fundraiser with them and they can enter their details. Alternatively, here are other options for them to support your fundraiser: 

  1. They could give you cash / transfer funds (via Revolut, PayPalMe, Online Banking etc) and you can add the donation to your fundraiser yourself. 
  2. They can donate directly to IHF via If they do this please ask them to choose ‘Light a Candle in Memory’ in the Appeals dropdown menu. 

Someone I know accidentally donated via my Facebook page, can you refund them? 

Unfortunately, we can’t issue refunds through Facebook but people can request a refund themselves from Facebook by following the below steps: 

Send them this link: 

Select – I donated to a fundraiser on Facebook 
Select – I want a refund for my donation(s) 
Select – I made a donation by accident and request the refund. 

Please be careful when lighting your candle, remember to never leave burning candle unattended. Make sure to keep out of reach of children and pets.