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Nurses for Night Care Appeal

Think of someone you love dearly and imagine you’ve only 72 hours left with that person. Imagine how precious and fleeting every second would feel…

Right now, calls from families in desperate and immediate need of a Nurse for Night Care are at an all-time high.

Nurses for Night Care enables people with diseases like dementia, motor neurone disease, advanced respiratory disease, heart failure and end stage kidney disease to receive expert care and support at night in their own homes in their final days. It also provides reassurance and respite for families and loved ones caring for someone at home.

This free service is funded by Irish Hospice Foundation largely thanks to the generosity of the Irish public.

And unless the funds can be found, we’ll struggle to reach every person whose dying wish is to leave this world in their own home, surrounded by memories and those they love the most.

Every €40 you give can provide for an hour of special care. Please rush your gift today so that when the next heartsick husband, wife, son or daughter needs us, a Nurse for Night Care can be on their doorstep that same night.

Please, will you give a gift and provide a family —
whose time together is now short and so very precious —
with an hour… or two…or even a whole night
with a Nurse for Night Care?