Bereavement Support Line 1800 80 70 77

Why Choose Us

When you give to Irish Hospice Foundation, you are helping us continue to be there for those facing dying, death and bereavement.

Support is what we offer, and in turn, support is what we need. 90% of our funding comes from the general public and the generosity people show in donating to our work makes an extraordinary difference to those most in need.

We receive limited core state funding, so we need the help of people like you to meet our ambitious goals. 

Our end-of-life services extend into people’s homes, hospitals and nursing homes all over Ireland. Our Bereavement Support Line is there for people in moments of acute need and our bereavement training and education courses enable professional and community-based support for those experiencing a loss.

All of us will have to face death and bereavement in our lives. Our belief is that no-one should face it without the care and support that they need and with your donation, we continue to make that happen. 

We specifically need support over the next five years to: 

  • sustain our Bereavement Support Line, Ireland’s first national freephone line for those grieving. 
  • provide funding for Nurses for Night Care which enables people with non-care related illnesses to spend their final days at home.  
  • develop supports for frontline healthcare workers to deliver compassionate and person-centred end-of-life care through our Hospice Friendly Hospitals and CEOL (Compassionate End of Life- in nursing homes) programmes.
  • grow our vital supports for carers who are caring for a dying loved one at home.