CEOL compassionate end of life

A quality improvement programme for nursing homes and RCCs

What is the CEOL Programme?

CEOL, which stands for Compassionate End of Life, is a quality improvement programme for nursing homes and residential care centres (RCCs) developed by the Irish Hospice Foundation (IHF). We believe that quality end-of-life care should be built around the needs of the individual and is about being supported to live well until you die.

The CEOL programme encompasses a series of workshops, regional network events, materials and ongoing supports that guides a multidisciplinary staff to develop key skills relevant to the provision of end-of-life care. The CEOL framework enables staff to continuously review, reflect on and improve this care, with regard to the residents, their families and the staff themselves.

CEOL has been developed for public, private and voluntary residential care settings.

How does CEOL work?

Key components of the programme are:

    • CEOL Groups

The establishment of a group in each nursing home/RCC is central to the programme. All sectors of staff are represented including: management, nurses, household, catering, administration, healthcare attendants, allied health professional, chaplaincy etc. Initial training is delivered onsite by the IHF through two and a half days workshops. Further training is provided by the IHF through regional network meetings along with ongoing support from the IHF’s regional CEOL Development Coordinators.

    • CEOL Reviews

Within a month of the death of a resident, the staff gather to remember her/him and reflect on and review their end-of-life care.

  • CEOL questionnaire.
    Bereaved relatives, family and friends are also invited to give their feedback via a postal questionnaire.
  • CEOL Regional Networks
    The IHF facilitate three regional meetings per year – in Dublin, Cork and the midlands – to share learning and peer support.

Watch a review of the CEOL programme

The video below created by the Irish Hospice Foundation explains how the CEOL programme works:

Download the CEOL brochure below.

For more information contact:
The CEOL Team in the Irish Hospice Foundation
T: 01 679 3188 E:

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