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Dementia Palliative Care

Dementia is an umbrella term used to describe a condition that can be caused by a number of illnesses. It causes a progressive decline in memory, reasoning, communication skills and in the ability to carry out daily activities.

This is a chronic, life-limiting condition. As it progresses, people can present with a unique set of care needs. These needs include progressive cognitive impairment, diminishing capacity, communication difficulties, possible responsive behaviours and a prolonged illness trajectory.

Dementia in Ireland

In 2014, the number of people living with dementia in Ireland was estimated to be more than 41,000. In the next 30 years, the number is expected to reach nearly 141,000. The Irish Hospice Foundation is committed to ensuring that Irish citizens living with this condition receive excellent care at the end of their lives.


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About Dementia Palliative Care

What is dementia palliative care? Dementia causes a person to have difficulties in areas which are key to planning for and ensuring a good death such as difficulty with communication, diminishing capacity and uncertainty about prognosis. Dementia is unique as it is recommended that palliative care principles are introduced early in the disease trajectory. Dementia palliative […] Read more >

Changing Minds

What is Changing Minds? In 2013, the Irish Hospice Foundation embarked on a three-year programme entitled Changing Minds: Promoting excellence in end-of-life care for people with dementia. The aim of this programme was to enable more people—particularly those living with dementia—to live and die with dignity at home or in residential care settings. This programme […] Read more >

Dementia Palliative Care Initiatives

Since the release of the Palliative Care for All report, the Irish Hospice Foundation has been committed to promoting the palliative approach within dementia care. The IHF has funded a series of dementia palliative care initiatives that aim to address the complex needs of people with dementia. Project 7: Standardising the Nursing Home to Acute Hospital Transfer Letter (2015) […] Read more >

Guidance Documents for Healthcare Staff

As part of The Irish Hospice Foundation’s Changing Minds programme, a suite of seven guidance documents were developed to support healthcare staff working with people with dementia from all care settings in addressing specific aspects of dementia palliative care. Guidance Documents Each guidance document is accompanied by a factsheet, all of which are available to download […] Read more >

Policy and Advocacy

Policy and Advocacy for People with Dementia The IHF strongly advocates for people with dementia by recognising that dementia policy should promote end-of-life care as a central part of the disease trajectory. In preparation for the Dementia Strategy, the IHF submitted recommendations to the Department of Health and was invited to present at the National Dementia […] Read more >

Useful resources

Palliative Approach for People with Dementia workshop On May 27th 2016, an interdisciplinary research workshop in dementia was held. The workshop, which was funded by the Irish Research Council, gathered practitioners, patient/carer representatives and researchers from across disciplines to focus on key aspects of palliative care research and promote interdisciplinary research in the area. The video link […] Read more >

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