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Dementia Palliative Care Initiatives

Since the release of the Palliative Care for All report, the Irish Hospice Foundation has been committed to promoting the palliative approach within dementia care. The IHF has funded a series of dementia palliative care initiatives that aim to address the complex needs of people with dementia.

Project 7: Standardising the Nursing Home to Acute Hospital Transfer Letter (2015)

A poster based on this work is available here.

Project 6: How Speech and language Therapists Can Facilitate the Involvement of People With Dementia to Become More Active Participants in the Decision Making Process Around Dysphagia Management at the End Stage of Dementia (2015)

A brief report on this project is available here.

Project 5: An Overview of Transfer Documentation in Ireland (2014)

transfer document

Project 4: I have dementia…… How do I plan for the Future? (2013)

This is a booklet published by the Alzeimer Society of Ireland with support from the IHF. This booklet provides information and practical advice to support people with dementia in making decisions about what is important to them now and into the future.

 ASI booklet

Project 3: Planning for the Future Project (2013)

In September 2013 there was the official launch of the Planning for the Future Project, which was completed in the dementia unit at St. Vincent’s Community Hospital. This report described specific resources and documentation that supported staff to facilitate conversations on end-of-life care with people with advanced dementia and their families. This HSE press release describes the project in more detail.

This report led to the development of key resources which are also available to download.

 final report pic               EOLC form 2                  symptom control 2           

The second phase of this project, which began in November 2013, aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of these resources and extend the scope and size of the client group. A poster outlining this phase of the project is available here.

Project 2: Building Consensus for the Future Report (2012)

Jointly completed by the Alzheimer Society of Ireland and the IHF, the Building Consensus Report explored the palliative needs of people with dementia and signposted a national direction for Dementia Palliative Care. The Building Consensus report identified 18 key recommendations to support the integration of the palliative approach into dementia services throughout Ireland.

 building consensus

Project 1: Opening Conversations Research Report (2011)

Opening Conversations was completed by the Alzheimer Society of Ireland. It represented the unique views of people with dementia and their carers in relation to planning their future and end-of-life care. This study looked to develop a model for The Alzheimer Society of Ireland, which promoted best practice in palliative care interventions for people with dementia and their carers.

 opening conversations

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