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End-of-life Care Toolkit for Residential Care

The End-of-Life Care Toolkit for Staff Working in Residential Care Centres for Older People

The end-of-life care toolkit compiles practical and relevant information on providing excellent end-of-life care in residential care centres in an accessible, easy to use format. The first chapter and contents of the toolkit can be viewed below.

Each section can be used as a stand-alone piece to support staff education and development. Taken together the information in the toolkit provides a coherent overview of the delivery of high quality end-of-life care.


The toolkit brings together information on end-of-life care that:

  • supports the delivery of high-quality holistic end-of-life care
  • is accessible, practical and relevant
  • encompasses the end-of-life care needs of residents, and their families, from admission to care after death
  • highlights the role each member of staff plays in the delivery of excellent end-of-life care
  • supports continued learning through signposting to additional information and resources


Good end-of-life care can only be delivered where there is recognition of the uniqueness of each person’s journey through life, and a shared understanding of the importance of supporting and respecting each individual’s needs and wishes on that journey.  Therefore while the toolkit provides, and signposts, a number of tools, guidelines and checklists to support best practice, it also provides the reader with information that supports them to gain a greater understanding of the ethos of end-of-life care so that learning from best practice is applied with understanding and compassion.


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