Rosabel’s Room-To-Heal Fund

Rosabel Monroe

Rosabel’s Room-to-Heal Fund

Since July 2018, we have supported numerous families across Ireland in the aftermath of the death of a child.
So far, the fund has enabled bereaved parents to take time off work. It has helped cover funeral costs and ongoing living costs while the parent(s) take time off work and for families a little further down the line, it has helped cover the costs of headstones and other memorials for children.
Parents can apply for funding of up to a maximum of €2,000.

Criteria for Application

Applications are open to parents resident in the Republic of Ireland whose son/daughter has died since 5th January 2016 and whose son/daughter was aged 0-21 years (inc) at the time of death.
One application per deceased will be accepted.

Exclusions for Application 

We wish to support parents directly so cannot receive applications from other family members, associates etc of the child. Please see our website www.bereaved.ie should you need help in coping with your loss.

Funding Available

All funding available will come from the Rosabel’s Room-to-Heal fund, which is made up of voluntary donations and support for the Rosabel’s Rooms project.
Parents can apply for funding of up to a maximum of €2,000 and payment, if approved, will be made direct to the applicant.
The Rosabel’s Room-to-Heal fund will remain open for applications until 31st December 2020.

Process of Application

Applications can only be accepted on the Rosabel’s Room-to-Heal form.
Completed forms can only be accepted by post and must be accompanied by a signed letter from the family GP, medical social worker or other medical notary.
Click here to find the application form.

Allocating Funds

Application does not guarantee funding and we will consider every application carefully.
Decisions for funding will be made through communication between Irish Hospice Foundation and the parents of Rosabel, as we work in collaboration for the Rosabel’s Rooms appeal.
We will endeavour to respond to every request for financial help as promptly as possible.

For Further Information

Please contact us on 016793188 or info@hospicefoundation.ie if you have any questions or need assistance with completing your application.

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