I have an advancing neurological illness

Over 700,000 people In Ireland are affected by neurological illnesses affecting the brain and spinal cord. People living with advancing neurological illnesses may wish to plan ahead for the care they would like to receive as their illness progresses. In particular they may want to consider their palliative care needs and end-of-life preferences. The information on this page should assist in that process.

I Have An Advancing Neurological Illness. Questions About Palliative Care?

Steps On The Journey With Advancing Neurological Conditions

Each patient with a neurological condition will have a unique journey. However there are some common anticipated points along the way as illustrated below. You may have different requirements at different stages of your illness. Palliative care is appropriate at any stage from diagnosis of the illness through to end of life care.

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Advancing Neurological conditions patient journey

Advancing Neurological conditions patient journey


Things to think about on the journey your journey with neurological illness


Updated 07/19/2017

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