Palliative care for other diseases and groups

Emerging areas

Addressing the health and palliative care needs of other non malignant diseases and of vulnerable sections of society can be challenging. Patients with non malignant diseases like end stage kidney disease or other chronic conditions or people with mental health issues, learning difficulties and the homeless  are groups that particularly could benefit from palliative care.

Appropriate levels of palliative care

Under our Palliative Care for All Programme, we have committed to work with other  voluntary agencies in order to initiate discussion and explore ways to develop appropriate levels of palliative care for such vulnerable groups.

We would particularly like to hear from clinicians who wish to develop the role of palliative care for those with end stage kidney disease, as we are committed to support initiatives in this area.

If you work with any of these patient groups and would like to develop aspects of palliative care, please contact Marie Lynch by on 01 673 0063 for further information.

Palliative Care in Kidney Failure:

The booklet below was developed by Susan McKenna, Renal CNS, Cavan General Hospital who was awarded a grant under the Irish Hospice Foundation Grant Scheme A, 2014.


ESKD Booklet


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