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Level 3: Strengthening Excellence in End-of-Life Care

Level 3 – Strengthening Excellence in End-of-Life Care will offer you:

  • an entire continuous quality improvement process over a period of 15 months
  • four workshops on Developing a Vision for End-of-Life Care, Conducting a Review After Death, Change Management and Celebration of Success and Agreement of Next Steps
  • a range of educational supports to development of end-of-life care
  • a range of practical resources and information materials

Membership includes:

1. Four workshops

  • Developing a Vision for End-of-Life Care  (month 1)

This first workshop will  be facilitated by the Irish Hospice Foundation’s (IHF) Regional Coordinator on the site of your care centre to enable staff to reflect on end-of-life care practices and develop a unique vision for end-of-life care for your residential care centre. This workshop is based in a person-centred ethos of care, and explores a number of tools that can support person-centred communication around end-of-life care. It also allows participants to explore their own attitudes towards death and dying from a personal, societal and organisational level, and begins to introduce tools and techniques for reviewing the end-of-life care practices in your residential care centre.

  •  Conducting a Review After Death  (month 2)

In this workshop your staff will have an opportunity to retrospectively review the deaths of the last three people who died in their care, facilitated by the Regional Coordinator. This workshop has two aims; firstly to allow the group to identify areas where good practice was present, any areas where change is needed, and to offer staff the time and space to grieve the loss of these residents in a supportive and learning environment. Secondly, the workshop is an opportunity for staff to learn experientially how to conduct a review after death.

  • Change Management (month 3)

Building on workshops 1& 2 this workshop will focus on identifying areas staff would like to prioritise for change in 2015. With the support of the Regional Coordinator, it will include identifying ‘quick wins’ as well as more long-term projects. This workshop will also be used to address any areas identified through the review after death meetings and the HIQA focused themed inspection. A 12 month plan of change will be agreed at the end of this workshop.

  • Celebration of Success and Agreement of Next Steps (month 15)

This final workshop will take place after approximately 15 months, to evaluate the implementation and impact of each change project and to help you identify the next steps of your continuous quality improvement cycle

In between workshops, you will also have access to phone and email support from the Regional Development Coordinator and ‘A Journey of Change’ Project Team.

By the end of the quality improvement process you will have:

– A shared vision for end-of-life care developed (as agreed with staff, residents and families)

– Staff skilled to continually audit & review their end-of-life care practices

– Staff with a new set of transferable skills in continuous quality improvement/change management

Please note that we can only offer 10 residential care centres in each region membership at this level.

2. On-line Support including:

  • Regular e-bulletins on best practice in end of life care
  • 4 webinars  on topics relating to end-of-life care in residential centres

– Communication at End of Life – September 2015

– Ethical Decision Making – November 2015

– Topic to be Confirmed – April 2016

– Topic to be Confirmed – September 2016

3. The End-of-Life Toolkit for Staff Working in Residential Care Centres for Older People

  • This includes information and guidance on key aspects of end-of-life care, including:

– Policies and guidelines

– Care planning and advance care planning

– Communication

– Supporting residents on admission

– Recognising & caring for a person who is dying

– Dementia & end-of-life care

– Supporting families

– Care after death

– Supporting staff

4. End-of-Life Care Resource Pack including:

  • Dementia palliative care guidance documents
  • dementia fact sheets for carers on late stage loss and grief
  • An end-of-life spiral symbol suitable for hanging on a door or wall
  • DVD reflecting importance of end-of-life in residential care centres
  • An end-of-life care poster
  • Bereavement leaflets

5. Educational Supports

  • What Matters to Me – reduced group rates

This one-day highly-interactive education workshops are delivered on-site for groups of 15 staff members. Level 3 members can avail of these workshops at a discount of 20%


6. The Irish Hospice Foundations Dementia Palliative Care Seminars 

  • One free and discounted spaces

These one-day conferences each include an afternoon workshop specifically on dementia end-of-life care in residential settings.

– November 2015

– March 2016

– October 2016

7. Certificate of Recognition recognising your centre’s commitment to continuous quality improvement in end-of-life care.


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