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If you or someone close to you has been diagnosed with a life limiting illness or referred to hospice or palliative care, you may have questions. These pages aim to address these questions. You can also get information on what services may be available to you in the future and how you can access them.


Typical concerns include:

  • What is hospice care?
  • Is it the same as palliative care?
  • At what point is someone referred to hospice/palliative care, and why?
  • Who receives hospice care? Is it available to everyone?
  • Who pays for hospice care? Is it expensive?
  • How can I get my relative or friend into a hospice? Can the Irish Hospice Foundation help?
  • What if there is no hospice in my area? Can I get into a hospice in another part of the country?
  • We would like to keep my relative at home for as long as possible, but it is becoming very difficult, what help is available?

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FAQs about Hospice Care

 At what point in an illness is someone referred to hospice care, and why? When someone is referred to hospice/palliative care, it generally means it is no longer expected their illness can be cured.  This does not necessarily mean that death is imminent.  Since hospice/palliative care professionals are experts in the management of pain and […] Read more >

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