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About Me

We designed ‘About Me’ during the COVID-19 pandemic when family members could not accompany their loved ones into hospitals or nursing homes. About Me concentrates on what would be important to you when you are entering a hospital/hospice or nursing home, especially when nearing the end of life.


  • I want to be at home in my bed
  • If I’m somewhere else, I want a single room, if possible
  • I do/do not want a crowd in my room
  • I want my favourite music playing/the TV on
  • I want people to talk to me and include me in their conversations, even if I can’t speak
  • I would like the following religious or spiritual practices

It’s the small things that can make us feel more at home. It’s valuable to the people who will care for you to know what your wishes are, and for them to understand you and who you are. We have found it so useful we have integrated it into our Think Ahead booklet and it is here for you to download.

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