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Condition Specific Resources

Condition specific resources

Heart Failure

The Irish Heart Foundation together with IHF collaborated on an information booklet for people living with advanced heart failure. 


COPD Support Ireland and IHF produced this booklet titled ‘Planning for the future with COPD’. It was developed after a series of workshops with people with COPD and family carers. If you or someone you know has recently been diagnosed with COPD, this booklet may not be appropriate to read as a first resource. More information at

Advancing Neurological Illness

Motor Neurone Disease

The British Motor Neurone Disease Association (MNDA) has published a comprehensive guide End of life. A guide for people with motor neurone disease for people with MND to plan ahead and communicate their end-of-life decisions to family and professionals. 

Read End of life. A guide for people with motor neurone disease


This booklet, published by the Alzheimer Society of Ireland with support from IHF, provides information and practical advice to support people with dementia in making decisions about what is important to them now and into the future.