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Dying in a nursing home

This resource ‘If someone you care about is dying in a nursing home during COVID-19 – what to expect’ booklet was created in April 2020 for our COVID-19 Care & Inform hub and addresses current restrictions and limitations within nursing homes.

23% of deaths in Ireland take place in nursing homes. When death is anticipated in nursing homes, there are a number of aspects of care and practical considerations that I, my family members and carers can prepare for. I and my family will have worked with the staff in the nursing home to;

  • Have the conversations around how I want to be cared for as I approach the end of my life  
  • That these conversations will be documented as part of my end-of-life care plan which might also involve me being supported to make an advance healthcare directive  
  • That staff will be aware of my preferences, my end-of-life care plan and will respect my wishes.  
  • My end-of-life care will be managed and delivered by the nursing home multidisciplinary team including the GP, nurses, healthcare assistants, allied healthcare professionals etc.  
  • With my consent and as per my wishes family members and loved ones will be involved my care and kept undated on my condition.  
  • My family members and close friends will be supported to stay with me.  
  • My family members will be supported to spend time with me outside of regular visiting hours and this can be arranged with the nursing home. 
  • Overall my privacy and dignity will be maintained as I approach the end of my life