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End of Life

End of Life

Care at the End of Life

For many of us, home is where would like to spend our final days. This may not always be possible but supports are available to enable end-of-life care at home. You and your family may need advice on how to approach dying at home, if this is your wish. Seeking support from your local healthcare providers is essential. 

If you’re spending your final days at home after being discharged from a healthcare facility, it can be helpful for your loved ones to prepare, both practically and emotionally. Our Caring for someone at the end of life at home: some practical information resource is there if you and those supporting you need it.

Most deaths in Ireland take place in hospitals and residential care settings, such as nursing homes. When death is anticipated, there are a number of aspects of care and practical considerations that you, family members and carers can prepare for. Our Dying in Hospital and Dying in a Nursing Home – what to expect booklets may be helpful at this difficult time.

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