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Dying in Hospital

Hospice Friendly hospitals

Most deaths in Ireland take place in hospitals.  Through our Hospice Friendly Hospitals programme, we have been working with hospital staff to ensure that high quality end-of-life care is delivered which:  

  • Focuses on the individual wishes and preferences of the person that is dying  
  • Provides support for family members and friends and those who are bereaved 
  • Ensures that privacy and dignity are central to the delivery of care 

End-of-life care can be managed well in hospital. The key to good end-of-life care is preparation. Hospitals have policies and guidelines which help them to prepare. There are some things that you can do too e.g.

  • Have the conversation with your loved ones about where you would like to die 
  • Discuss how you would like the end of your life to happen  
  • Who would you want there with you?  
  • What would be important to you at this time?  
  • What personal items would you want around you? 
  • Would you like music playing, and if so, what type? 
  • Do you have specific wishes about how you are cared for after your death and about your funeral?  

If someone you care about is dying in hospital, this ‘What to expect’ booklet may help you to know what to expect in the last days and hours of their life.