You’re probably reading this because someone you care for is seriously ill or dying. You may have unanswered questions like; what’s going to happen, how can I give comfort and what can I say or do.

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Caring for Someone at Home Nearing End of Life

Practical information about providing end-of-life care in your home, staying in contact with services, advice for self-care and COVID-19 concerns.

Self care for carers

Self care

It can be difficult to think about looking after yourself when someone you care about is seriously ill or dying. But there are ways to mind yourself at this very difficult time.

covid19 care & inform

Care & Inform

If you're caring for someone who is approaching the end of their life during COVID-19, we are here for you. We have developed a series of resources to support you in these exceptional times.

Think Ahead

Think Ahead

Our planning ahead tool can help you or a loved one discuss and record wishes and preferences in the event of an emergency, serious illness or after death.

Care in grief

You are not alone. Here you'll find information, resources and other supports to help you in grief; if you're anticipating a loss or the person you've been caring for has sadly died.


Say Yes

As carers, we often feel exhausted and busy, and can quickly become overwhelmed. We need to learn to say yes to help.