Nobody knows what’s going to happen in the future. Many of us will make a will to take care of the physical things in our lives. But, we also have to think about when there may come a time when we have to rely on someone else to care for us and act on our behalf.

Before this happens, it’s comforting to talk about and then record your wishes for those who need to know. Below you’ll find advice and guidance on how to start your planning ahead journey today.

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Think Ahead

Think Ahead

Our popular planning ahead tool can help you discuss and record your wishes and preferences in the event of an emergency, serious illness or after you have died.

Advance Healthcare Directives

This legally binding document informs family, friends and healthcare workers of your wishes for your treatment if you can no longer communicate them yourself.

Condition specific resources

Condition Specific Resources

When you're seriously ill, planning for your future medical care will help ensure your wishes are respected and carried out as your illness progresses.

Facing a Loss

When facing an impending loss, you might experience what is known as ‘anticipatory grief’. Here we look at the symptoms and ways to cope.

gift in will

A gift in your will

By remembering us in your will, you can help ensure our work will continue to benefit those facing the end of their lives and those closest to them for generations to come.