There may come a time when you have to rely on someone else to care for you and act on your behalf. This can happen at any stage in life because of illness, an accident or mental distress. Before this happens, it’s comforting to record your wishes and values about your care and treatment for those who need to know.

Think Ahead will help you think about the care you would agree to and/or the care you would refuse if you ever need to. This is your opportunity to talk about your wishes openly and record them. Through Think Ahead, you can start conversations with those who matter most to you.

Take your time. Think about what you want. Talk through your wishes with someone you trust, like a friend, partner or relative. Let them know you would like them to speak on your behalf if need be. Choosing someone to speak with now means that they will come to know your wishes and that there will be fewer surprises or hard decisions for them to make later on.

If you don’t want to choose someone to speak for you, you can discuss your wishes with a healthcare worker, GP/Specialist, or note them down in your Think Ahead document and leave with someone you trust.

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think ahead fill it in

Your Think Ahead Form

Download or order (by post) your Think Ahead form plus a short guide to filling in the form - what is essential and what is optional.

Think Ahead conversation

Start to Talk

Some practical help and guides to help those difficult conversations start to flow.

Think Ahead advance care planning

Advance Care Planning

Understanding Advance Care Planning and Advance Healthcare Directives


Legal Decisions

EPAs, wills, legacies, ADMAs all explained in layman's terms.

Healthcare Decisions

All the considerations for future healthcare including information on Advance Healthcare Directives

Personal Decisions

Including financial issues, body and organ donation

About Me

A checklist of what's important to you when entering a hospital/hospice/nursing home, especially when nearing the end of life


Dying to Talk Dictionary

A collection of definitions of terms for planning ahead

Further Resources


Think Ahead for Healthcare Staff and GPs

If you are you a GP or work in healthcare or support services in Ireland, you can bulk order our Think Ahead forms in quantities of 75.

Coping with loss

Beginning at The End

A series of videos addressing the difficult conversations around end-of-life, helping you support a loved one by beginning the conversation that you’ve never had before.

Condition specific resources

Condition Specific Resources

Information booklets for people living with advanced and chronic diseases and conditions

gift in will

A Gift in Your Will

Many of us will be in a position to give more in our will than we ever could while we’re alive. Leaving a bequest won’t cost you anything in your lifetime but will impact long into the future and make a huge difference to people’s lives.

Facing a Loss

When facing an impending loss, you might experience what is known as ‘anticipatory grief’. It typically happens when a loved one is diagnosed with a terminal or life-limiting illness like cancer, dementia, or a chronic disease.

Host a Dying to Talk Conversation

Toolkits and workshops to encourage your community to think ahead.

Think Ahead for Healthcare Workers

Information to help you guide patients under your care to think ahead.

Think Ahead for Carers

Information to help you guide the person you are caring for to think ahead.