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Get Your Think Ahead Form

There are 3 formats for the Think Ahead form

  1. You can download the form here and print yourself on your home printer free of charge
  2. You can download the form here, fill it in and save it on your computer
  3. Or you can order a hard copy and we will post it to your address. There is a small charge for this to cover print, postage and packaging.

We are currently developing Think Ahead packs, aimed at individuals, carers, couples and healthcare workers. They will be available to download/order through our shop early 2022.

Think Ahead Packs

Think Ahead for individuals

Pack includes:

1 x Think Ahead
1 x Advance Healthcare Directive
1 x Medical Summary Form

Think Ahead for Carers

Most people in Ireland will die in hospital, but will spend most of their last months in their own homes. For those living at home, family members/carers meet many of their care needs. Looking after someone approaching the end of life can affect family carers, who may find it difficult to think and plan for their loved one or feel unsure of how to start a conversation. We have specially curated a Think Ahead pack for carers with our Conversation over a Cuppa series to aid supportive conversations.

Pack includes:

2 x Think Ahead
2 x Advance Healthcare Directive
2 x Medical Summary Form
1 x @Conversations over a Cuppa’ series
1 x Copy of ‘Say Yes’

Think Ahead for Couples

Couples often play a critical role in decision making at the end of their partner’s life. You might have drawn up a will and managed some of your finances and just not got round to having an end-of-life conversation.

Talking together can help you discover new things about each other, and you may surprise each other with what you find out. If you can, make some time to talk with each other — whether at home or out somewhere together. Go through the Think Ahead Pack and fill in what is important to each of you and discuss with each other. Remember to review and discuss regularly.

Pack includes:

2 x Think Ahead
2 x Advance Healthcare Directive
2 x Medical Summary Form
1 x ‘Conversations over a Cuppa’ series

Think Ahead for Healthcare Workers

Do you work in healthcare and want to help those you care for to Think Ahead? Email us at [email protected] to get a customised quote based on quantity/location to cover print and P&P