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Considering Your Care Preferences

In addition to recording where you would like to be cared for during illness, injury, or at your end of life, you might record what matters to you about the care you receive. This can help your carers to ensure that you are comfortable throughout your life.  

We have identified a few guiding prompts, which you can respond to with both what you would like, and what you would not like:  

Keeping comfortable

How do you physically like to be looked after? For example, are you generally warm or cold? Do you like your hair done in a certain way, or to wear certain clothes?  

Spiritual wishes

What kind of spiritual practices would you like at the end of your life? These may be the same or different than a religion you grew up in. For example, would you like certain music or to go out into nature if possible?  

Companionship wishes

Who do you like to spend time with? Who would you like to come for a visit? You might include any pets here as well.   


What would you like to keep around you, such as photos or flowers?   

What I enjoy doing

Others can help you still enjoy your favourite pastimes, such as watching sports, reading the newspaper, or listening to music. 

Things I don’t like

Anything you haven’t mentioned above you might mention here, such as foods, having visitors, or the noise of the vacuum.